Hey, everyone! I hope you're all having a pleasant day. Now, you are probably thinking to yourself: "Anime Soul?" "What in the bloody hell is that?" Now that's a very good question, and hopefully one we will be able to answer today in this piece.

Table of Contents:

What is Anime Soul?
What does Anime Soul have to offer?

Anime Content
Active Twitch Streamers
AMV Community
Millennium Exile Manga
Anime Soul Network
Anime Collectible Card Game
A Place to make Friends


What is Anime Soul?

    The Anime Soul was and is an ambitious project lead by Jas and the rest of Anime Soul Founders. Anime Soul, which was known as We Love Anime or WLA for short, in its beginnings, was originally a small discord server made in 2017 by Jas, the current leader of the server and two of his close friends, Gibs and Nate. The server was a place for anime fans around the world to gather and ultimately discuss anime. As time passed, the server kept growing. More and more people gathered to talk about anime . By the year 2018, WLA, as it was known before, had tens of thousands of members that gathered, hung out and chatted. In the middle of the year 2018, WLA was restructred to AnimeBase while merging with a popular Naruto based Community by the name of NarutoBase. This merge brought about a change in the community that while at first was good, it ultimately ended in a failure. However, this failed merge did not stop the ambitious community and their leaders from wanting more and giving more. By the start of 2019, AnimeBase (WLA as it was formally known) underwent another change, but this next one would mark its history. Jas, alongside his trusted friends and fellow founders Gibs, Tsuki, Rin and Cirtrax rebranded this community and thus Anime Soul was born.

     As this newly branded community resurged, hours of work and dedication were poured into it. The once beloved anime community came back stronger than ever and began growing exponentially to the point that at this day and time, it has over 220,000 members making it the biggest anime community on Discord.

    Now, the best thing about this community is its welcoming environment. The members that make up Anime Soul are so welcoming that one look in #members-chat will make you want to get in there and start making friends. What's even better is that the server, although anime themed, has something for everyone. Whether you are a foodie who likes taking and showing food pics to everyone, a sports fan who likes to discuss latest games, a melancholic who loves sharing and saving memes or just someone looking to have a chat. This community has it all. We will see more in depth of what Anime Soul has to offer below. But, in case this piqued your interest, check out the community in the provided link.😉

What does Anime Soul Discord have to offer?

    Above we talked a little about Anime Soul. Its history, its leaders and a bit of what it has to offer. But now we want to go into a little more detail for you guys reading this. Let's divide this into different sub-sections so it'll be  easier on you. Please bare with me. Alright, here we go!

  • Giveaways: Now who doesn't like free stuff, am I right?  Well, Anime Soul is known for hosting giveaways from time to time. These prizes can vary. From nitro subscriptions for all those who enjoy discord, to even free games to be redeemed on steam! Now, the best part of these giveaways is that they are hosted on the official Anime Soul webpage which you can find here: https://animesoul.com/. From there, you click on the giveaway tab, follow the instructions and voila! You are eligible to participate in the giveaway. Now, here's a little secret, if you are a member of the server and have premium access your chances to win are doubled (shhh, don't tell anyone).
  • Squads: You might ask yourselves what that is. Squads is an initiative taken by the Anime Soul discord in which a group of members with similar interests can ask to get their own role and private channel to discuss a specific topic. Let's say you like horror movies, and you meet people on the server who also like horror movies, you can band together and ask for a special squad to be made for the purpose of discussing the scariest and most exhilarating horror movies you've seen! Sounds cool, no? Not only that, but you guys get to choose your squad name, create a cool banner for it, make events for the squads and more. It's basically a mini server inside the server, woah!
  • Anime Content: Of course an anime related community would need to have anime related content, otherwise it'd just be a community. Well Anime Soul offers a variety of anime content. From anime specific squads and chats to even partnered youtubers who release a variety of videos for you to watch. They also have anime related roles you can gain by chatting. So it's fair to say that they are rather big on anime.
  • Twitch Streamer Base: Anime Soul has a large base of Twitch Streamers partnered with them. These streamers can be found streaming on occasions on discord, by looking at the members list you can see which streamers are live, then join the stream of your preference. Anime Soul also has an official Twitch channel for giveaways and other official business.
  • AMV Community: Like MVs? Like MVs and anime? Then Anime Soul has an exclusive channel for AMVs. This channel which can be found here, hosts a number of videos that you might enjoy, so be sure to check those out.
  • Millennium Exile Manga: Do you like to read manga? What's better than a personal manga only few people have access to? To enjoy the ins of something that isn't officially "out" yet is exciting, isn't it? Well, there is one ambitious young lad in Anime Soul that aims to make it big. He has an ongoing manga project known as "Millennium Exile"., which you can find access to on the Anime Soul Discord channel #millennium-exile.
  • Anime Soul Network: After Anime Soul made it big, the leaders decided to start an even greater project known as The Anime Soul Network or ASN for short . This Network consists of top notch anime discords partnered together to give The Network consists of several top notch anime servers partnered together to give their members the best possible experience. From massive events and giveaways, to many places to call your own, the network offers something new and refreshing to users who wish to have more. But we will talk about the Network in a different post dedicated entirely to it!
  • An exciting, exclusive, anime collectible card game: That's right, this server features an exciting twist. While chatting around you can occasionally run into a "card spawn". That spawn will feature an anime card based off  any number of anime character. You can then collect these cards trade and/or sell them (using a virtual currency called tomi, also exclusive to this server and it's partners)and collect all your favorites!  There is an entire post dedicated to this that you can find here: https://discord.blog/anime-card-game-on-discord/
  • A place to make friends: Now, who doesn't like making new friends? After all - strangers are friends you just haven't met yet. It's even better when said friends share the very same interests! Well, the Anime Soul Discord offers you a chance to make tons of friends in a fun environment, these friends can last lifetimes and sometimes you might even meet your match (please note this is not a dating server and this comment is meant for comedy relief). Anywho, if you want to meet people and make friends, Anime Soul defintely can help with that.

In Conclusion:

Anime Soul, as aforementioned, has a lot to offer. A place to hang out, make friends, claim cards or even gain roles and ranks to climb to the top! It's a place made by anime loving friends for anime loving people and more. I definitely encourage you all to give the server a chance! Who knows, you might love it and stay - it's a place where you feel at home, safe - a place where you can talk about the things you love most! I think it sounds wonderful! So, all of you reading this today, go, check it out and see if Anime Soul is a place for you!